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Cacaobutter 100% pure - 2.6 o.z.

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Just by smelling this Cacaobutter only one thing can come to the mind, Chocolat! This delicious cacaobutter is a real treat for the skin. Lets some up some benefits of this delicious Cacaobutter:

- Softens the irritated skin 
- It prevents signs of aging 
- Leaves a silky soft skin after shaving 
- It can be used as a lipbalm for soft lips (perfect to keep your lips kissable during the cold winters) 
- Helps to fade scars
- Boosts your skin 


What is Cacao butter?

Cacaobutter is a cream coloured 100% natural fat that is derived from the cacaobeans from Ghana.
This butter has a high oxidation stability en contains a lot of vitamin K and E. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant and protects the sking against free radicals and premature skin ageing. Vitamin K strengthens the skin and also makes the skin feel more smoothly. The polyphenols in the cacaobutter ensure the rejuvenation of the skin by stimulating the collagen production this makes the skin tigther and smoother. The polyphenols also helps the skin to heal from the inside and brings ease to dry and or irritated skin conditions. 

Cacaobutter softens the irritated skin  

Cacaobutter is a real lifesaver when it comes to irritated skin. Various skincare moisturizers that include cacaobutter in their formulas, softens the skin and makes it more flexible. It also has benefits for people that cope with eczemia and psoriasis. 

It prevents signs of premature aging
Cacaobutter is a huge source of antioxidants. It reduces the external signs of aging and contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin.

A silky smooth skin after shaving
Use cacaobutter when you shave, it will softens the shaving process. It is possible to mix a little bit of this cacaobutter with your shavingfoam. The butter will make you shave more smoothly and less irritated, which will make your skin very smooth. 

Fades scars 

Cacaobutter has very effective healing properties. The antioxidants fades scars and striae. When the Cacaobutter is used regularly you should notice that de spots will fade or diseapper completely. To prevent striae trough pregnancy it is best to use the cacaobutter twice a day around the belly area. 

Soft lips 

Dry lips? Nothing is lesser attractive to kiss your lover with chapped lips and hard lips. Use cacaobutter on the daily and your lips will always by smooth and kissable.  

Boost your skin 

Cacaobutter is one of the must appropiate beauty products to help the skin recover. Even when Cacaobutter does all the heavy lifting, it can't do it all. So stay away from junkfood, get enough rest and use Cacaobutter on a regular basis and your skin will show in no time how gratefull it is.

Customer Reviews

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Fijn spul. Ik vind het lekker en puur ruiken


Smeert heel fijn, smelt echt op de huid zoals de website aangegeven heeft.


Fijn product, ruikt heerlijk en laat je huid superzacht aanvoelen


Voelt goed aan.

Hemelse boter!

Ik ben meer dan tevreden over de cacaoboter! Het ruikt overheerlijk, en het smeert lekker weg. Ik wil niets anders meer voor mijn huid. Ik gebruik de cacaoboter ook als gezichtsverzorging (dag en nacht) het houdt m'n huid soepel en voedend.

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