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Our vision

At Andelia we believe in a world where the beauty of nature is central. We dream of a society where we not only live harmoniously with our environment, but where we also embrace the power of nature to care for and nurture us.
Our vision goes beyond just offering products; it's about restoring a deep connection with the natural world around us. We strive for a world where we not only nourish our skin with the purest ingredients straight from the earth, but where we also show respect and appreciation for the people and communities who share these treasures of nature with us. At Andelia, our vision is driven by a deep-rooted desire for authenticity, justice and sustainability.

We believe that by returning to basics, to the essence of what is real and valuable, we not only promote our own well-being, but also contribute to a world that thrives in harmony with nature and its inhabitants. Welcome to Andelia, where our vision of natural beauty is a source of inspiration for a better future for us all.
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How we do it

Our mission

At Andelia, we strongly believe in fostering local communities and supporting artisans around the world. We work closely with artisans in different countries, from the artisanal craftsmen in Morocco to the female communities in Ghana who collect shea nuts for the production of shea butter. In Suriname we encourage local producers inland to produce more, so that we can purchase their high-quality ingredients.

Our approach is based on mutual respect, fair trade and sustainable partnerships. By building direct relationships with these communities and artisans, we can not only ensure the quality of our products, but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the people who create them. At Andelia it is not only about the end product, but also about the story behind it, in which the strength and beauty of local communities are central.
Marrokaanse Argan olie 30 - 100ml met handige doseerdop - 100% puur. Marrokaanse Argan olie 30 - 100ml met handige doseerdop - 100% puur.
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Upholding traditions in Morocco with Argan oil

In the heart of Morocco we cherish age-old traditions and crafts through our Argan oil. Sourced from the rare argan tree, this oil is hand-pressed by local artisans who pass on the art of the extraction process from generation to generation. At Andelia, we recognize not only the extraordinary benefits of argan oil for the skin and hair, but also the importance of preserving these traditional practices and supporting local communities in Morocco. By using our Argan oil, you not only contribute to your own beauty, but also to the preservation of an age-old heritage that is deeply rooted in Moroccan culture.

By purchasing from Andelia you support:

Local populations of developing countries

Working mothers in developing countries & tuition for their children

Micro economies

what we do

Products straight from nature

At Andelia we bring the beauty and power of nature directly to your skin and hair. We are proud of our extensive range of 100% natural skin and hair care products, sourced from various African countries, the Amazon and the Caribbean. Each ingredient has been carefully selected from nature's best places, striving for purity and effectiveness.

Our mission is simple: we want to make these authentic and high-quality products available to everyone in the West, so you can enjoy the joys of the natural world.

Whether it concerns hydrating your skin with shea butter from Ghana, revitalizing your hair with coconut oil from Suriname, or rejuvenating your complexion with Argan oil from Morocco, at Andelia you will only find the very best from nature. Our products are more than just cosmetics; they are a tribute to the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature herself. Welcome to Andelia, where we embrace nature and share its gifts with the world
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Sheabutter Puur |  + GRATIS lipbalm 200ml - 500ml. Sheabutter Puur |  + GRATIS lipbalm 200ml - 500ml.
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Women empowerment in West Africa

Across the vast landscapes of West Africa, a movement of empowerment and solidarity among women is flourishing, and our Shea butter plays a central role in this. Gathered by female communities in countries like Ghana, shea butter is prized not only for its moisturizing properties, but also for the opportunities it provides to the women who harvest and process it. At Andelia we cherish this connection and actively support the empowerment of women in West Africa by working directly with local cooperatives. By using our Shea Butter, you are embracing not only a natural beauty ritual, but also a powerful message of solidarity and support for the women at the heart of these communities.

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