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Broken hair occurs when the hair has become porous. The causes of this may include chemical treatments or heat sources (such as hair straighteners). This weakens the hair, making it easier to obtain a certain model/colour.

Andelia has two products that provide an answer to this. Namely the Chebe powder and the Tonka oil .

The Chebe powder is used on the hair itself. Chebe powder has the advantages that it makes your hair firmer and that it retains more hydration. The Tonka oil is used on the scalp, which ensures a healthy scalp and stimulates hair growth. The two products are a great combination to help your hair recover and become healthy again.

The Tonka oil is generally used on the scalp so that the new hair growing from your head is healthy again. You can also use the Tonka oil to seal the hair.

The first question we ask is whether the cause of the alopecia is internal or external. The difference between internal and external alopecia is that internal alopecia has to do with stress and/or trauma that you have experienced and both your scalp and hair follicles respond to this. With external alopecia (traction alopecia), the causes come from outside, such as braiding the hair too tightly, a ponytail that is too tight or weaving too tight.

For traction alopecia it is best to use Tonka oil. PLEASE NOTE, the Tonka oil is intended to be applied to the scalp. So it doesn't really have to be applied to the hair itself. Read more about both products here.

With damaged hair due to heat damage, your hair is in serious need of two things: protein and hydration. Making a mask from coconut oil will help with this. Coconut oil is not a protein in itself, but it does react like a protein. You can also use Chebe powder to strengthen the hair and retain as much hydration as possible.

Also experiment with homemade masks with avocado and/or banana, as both are packed with protein (be sure to mash both fruits through a sieve first to prevent 'threads' from being left in your hair.

Fortunately, you are not alone because this is a common problem. And the good news is, 9 times out of 10 it will go away on its own. You practically don't have to do anything for this. Is it not fast enough for you? Then you can stimulate your hair growth with a combination of Tonka oil and Chebe powder. But don't panic, just enjoy the new miracle you have brought into the world. Congratulations!

Do you only have this during the colder autumn/winter months? Or is this all year round? If this only takes place in the colder months, it means that your hair (just like your skin) needs some extra attention. You notice that a lot of products and oils are absorbed by your hair and that nothing really stays put. This is because your hair cuticles are completely open. So you need a product that seals your hair (closes the hair cuticles again). For this you can use an oil such as Coconut oil or a butter such as Shea butter .


Tonka oil stimulates hair growth by opening the pores in the scalp. This increases blood circulation in the scalp, which stimulates hair growth.

NB! Tonka oil therefore does not produce Keratin (the component that makes up hair).

Andelia's Tonka oil is made by deigning in the indigenous way. The oil is pressed from the bean itself. So it is not a hydrosol where the bean is drawn into another oil.

There are a whole range of Tonka oils available on the market. The difference in most cases with Andelia's Tonka oil is that many of the oils are hydrosols. This means that the tonka beans are put in another oil and they let the beans "infuse". With Andelia's Tonka oil, the oil is pressed from the bean. This ensures that Andelia's Tonka oil is a concentrated oil.

The Tonka products are good for stimulating hair growth. This happens because it opens the pores of the scalp, allowing the scalp to breathe. This improves blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth.

Tonka products are indeed also suitable for children. Given the concentration of the products, we recommend that you handle them more carefully.

Chebe powder does not allow the hair itself to grow. What Chebe powder does do is strengthen the hair and thus prevent the hair from breaking. Because your hair no longer breaks, it has a longer chance to grow, which ultimately results in longer hair. So please note that the nutrients for hair production (keratin) are not contained in the Chebe powder .

Dark spots on the skin are usually a sign of accumulated dead skin cells. The African Blacksoap fades these dark spots by exfoliating. So you don't need a scrub for this (a good solution for sensitive skin).

Depending on the eczema, we always recommend using Krappa oil. For eczema in combination with dry skin, we recommend using coconut oil and/or cocoa butter . This is an oil that is extremely suitable for eczema (depending on how the eczema originated).

In cases of psoriasis, we recommend two products that suppress the psoriasis. Namely the Krappa oil and the SheaCare Skin Elixir . These two products can suppress psoriasis, but they cannot make it disappear completely.
African Blacksoap is a good soap to wash with in case of psoriasis but it does not suppress psoriasis.

We have the SheaCare Skin Elixir for persistent skin complaints such as skin fungi, ringworm, etc. It is a 100% natural product and it is said to be a natural replacement for the hormone ointment. It works the same without you experiencing the unpleasant side effects of a normal hormone ointment (including thinning skin).

For extremely dry skin, we recommend Shea butter or Cocoa butter from the organic line. Both products have a high concentration of fats and are absorbed well into the skin.

Since vitamin E is a benefit for the skin, we have several products that contain vitamin E. These are the products Argan oil , African Black soap , Moroccan Black soap and unrefined Shea butter . Vitamin E has many benefits for the skin. We have listed some of these benefits:

* it limits the cell damage that the sun can cause
* in combination with vitamin C it can lighten pigment spots
* it ensures that skin care products can penetrate deeper into the skin
* As an antioxidant, it can reduce wrinkles and signs of aging
* it protects the skin against free radicals (which, among other things, influence skin aging

Andelia's coconut oil and unrefined Shea butter both contain an SPF filter. This filter ensures that it blocks UV radiation. They both have an SPF filter 8, so we recommend using another product with a higher factor when sunbathing.

We generally do not work with the Fairtrade trademark. This is because we trade directly with local farmers and immediately make good price agreements with the farmers themselves. Some of these local farmers are affiliated with the Fairtrade trademark.

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