7 tips for radiant skin during the autumn and winter months

7 tips for radiant skin during the autumn and winter months

1. For (extra) sensitive skin

Do you have super sensitive skin or skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema? Then you may experience a burning sensation and suffer from hypersensitive skin during seasonal changes.
In this case, it is best to pamper your skin with essential oils, serums, creams and butters. Our unrefined shea butter for example, is a product that stimulates collagen production in the skin, allowing the skin to recover faster and better. This also applies to oils that support collagen such as Argan oil , which in addition to stimulating collagen, is also packed with vitamin E.

2. Use a THICK(ER) Moisturizer

Due to climate changes, it is important to use a thicker moisturizer during the cold months, compared to the moisturizer you are used to using during the warm months.
Using a thick moisturizer will compensate for the lack of humidity in the new climate. For example, consider using Cocoa butter or Shea butter instead of an oil that is quickly absorbed. This will give you radiant skin in no time.

3. Lip Balm & Eye Cream

Two things that should definitely be part of your skincare routine as the weather gets colder are lip balm and eye cream. Our skin does not like climate change. But by lip balm and eye cream to your skin care routine, you help your skin as much as possible to undergo this change gently.

4. Reduce the use of scrubs or exfoliants

.Please note; We are talking about reducing, not stopping permanently.
Reducing exfoliants is necessary during the transition from warm air to cold air.

While you do not have any problems during warm temperatures when exfoliating the skin (because there are more fats in the skin), this may be the case with colder temperatures and drier air. We therefore recommend that you only use it a few times a week.
Do you use scrubs regularly now? Then try ours Moroccan Black Soap . Although this soap is also an exfoliant, it nourishes the skin because it is rich in Vitamins A and E. So for radiant skin, this is the way to go!

A common misconception is that during the fall days, when skin is flakier than during the summer months, an exfoliant or scrub will make it better. But.... it's just the opposite. Exfoliating makes the process worse.
The best option is to use a mild exfoliant ( Morrocan Black Soap/Sabon Beldi ) in combination with a good moisturizer.

5. Consider your vitamin C intake

Vitamin C works extra well during the cold months and helps combat SPF radiation. SPF rays try to penetrate the skin when the sun shines during the cold months.
In addition, Vitamin C also ensures even pigmentation of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, which ensures a shiny skin.

The great thing about vitamin C is that you can also take it. This includes fruits such as kiwis, limes and oranges, both of which are packed with vitamin C.

6. Use humidifiers in your home

It has been a trend lately and that is not entirely without reason. In addition to the fact that humidifiers (depending on which essential oils you use) provide a better mood and more energy, they also provide more moisture in the air during the cold months, which benefits your skin.

7. Using hot water

Just like with the heat from the heating, hot water is not your best friend (yes I know ladies, I know).
So it is best to wash your face with lukewarm water instead of hot water.

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