Guest blog: Mary-Ann goes on holiday and takes with her: Sabon Beldi & Krappa oil

Guest blog: Mary-Ann goes on holiday and takes with her: Sabon Beldi & Krappa oil
As an orthomolecular coach, I am a big supporter of natural products and am always looking for new care lines for myself but also to advise my clients.
In my practice I regularly have clients with various skin complaints and I prefer to recommend products without parabens, sulphates, silicones, perfume and alcohol.
In my practice I help people to work on their health from the inside out, i.e. working on their internal health so that the outside will also shine again.
And then also recommend products that work from the outside in, such as products that you apply to the skin such as creams, oils, soap, deodorant, etc.

Such a coincidence... A few weeks ago an aunt told me very enthusiastically about a natural skin care brand. Very curious, I contacted Jair Zeegelaar and in a subsequent Zoom call he told me the ins and outs about Andelia and the origin of the ingredients. Great conversation that only made me more curious about the products.
And as a bonus, I received a sample package to try out.

I took 2 products with me during my week's holiday to Sardinia in July.
As I look outside while typing this blog, it is raining and it is just as dreary. What a difference last week on the island where it was an average of 30 degrees all week and bright sunshine.
Super happy that I brought the Andelia products with me as my skin could use a little extra

Andiroba oil (Krappa oil)

Krappa is a tree species from the family Meliaceae (Mahogany family) and is found in the Amazon region, Central America and the Caribbean and the oil is extracted from the seeds.
Krappa is used as a repellent against insects and for strengthening and nourishing the hair, has an anti-inflammatory effect, softens and nourishes and invigorates the skin.
What I immediately like is the size of the 100ml jar. This makes it easy to take with you on holiday.
The smell takes some getting used to the first time. It has a pungent thorough smell.
It smells very healthy, so to speak 😊 but luckily the smell dissipates quickly.
The operation, on the other hand, is great! I suffered from red skin on my knees and shoulders for 2 days because I had been in the sun for too long and forgot to apply sunscreen. After applying it the first time, the redness decreased and after applying it the second time, an hour later, the spots no longer felt so warm. I also had no problems with insect bumps or pricks this holiday.
Great product to take with you on holiday: highly recommended, even if you suffer from dry skin. Despite the very warm temperatures and bright sunlight, I did not suffer from dry skin.

Sabon Beldi (Moroccan black soap)

Sabon Beldi is made from black olives and olive oil from Morocco and has a healing and caring effect for damaged skin and is free of sulphates, silicones, perfume or alcohol and is full of vitamins A and E.

Sabon Beldi Andelia Sardinia
Photo credits: Irina de Graaf (la-taurina.nl)


When I open the jar I see that the 'black' soap is somewhat brown-green in color, has a thick jelly-like structure with a nice soft scent. It takes some getting used to that the soap hardly foams.
It is a nice soap, especially after a whole day in the bright sun and I immediately notice that soap does not need to foam very much to do its job well.
On the previously mentioned red spots, I applied the soap in advance and let it sit for a long time before rinsing it off in the shower back in the hotel room….

Sabon Beldi Mary-Ann in Italy
Photo credits: Irina de Graaf (la-taurina.nl)

And that was DELICIOUS! The skin felt completely soft and completely clean again, even after an intensive day in the sun (lots of walking, doing sports exercises and being a tourist) without the tight feeling. It does not dry out the skin.
Two days, after taking many dips in the pool, I let the soap soak in for a nice long time again. Also works very well for me against dehydration after swimming in the pool full of chlorine.

It is also nice that I can use the same soap for both my body and my face. Especially on holiday, it is useful to have one less jar in the toiletry bag.

I'm going to test the rest of the products of course, but I'm already convinced!
Andelia has good, healthy natural products that are good for everyone, do not dry out the skin but nourish it and can be used daily.

And if you have any questions about the products or which complaints you can use which products for, Jair is available to provide explanations.

Jair, thank you for letting me try the products and I will keep you informed about trying the other products.


More information about the Sabon Beldi / Black soap

More information about the Krappa oil

Mary-Ann is an Orthomolecular coach within her own practice redactiegezond.nl . Want to know more about her daily work or her profession as an orthomolecular coach? Then take a look at her website .

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